Your Child’s Amazing Developing Nervous System

Make no bones about it (lame chiropractic pun intended), your child’s nervous system is a vast potential of connections to the world around him or her.  You can just see this is the way they take in the world from an early age.  They require the parents for safety, true, but more and more evidence is showing how much love actually plays an even greater role. Babies that are loved and given attention and affection by their parents develop more resistant and resilient lives.  Their bodies are healthier, more adaptable and they have stronger immune systems.  Love is the key ingredient!

This is just as true in your life, of course.  What we do as adults is try to make excuses for why we don’t have this in all areas of our lives.  You need to have a love and passion for your work as well.  Loving relationships are equally as important.  Who you hang around with and stay in an intimate relationship with all affect how much happiness and joy you will experience in life.  These are all indisputable truths.

So, how does this have anything to do with your child and their nervous system? Everything!  There have been other studies that show how developing fetuses begin wiring for the environment in which they will find themselves after birth.  This is all the way nature intended.  If your mother experienced very stressful or traumatic times while you were growing inside of her womb, your world outside of mom appears as she experienced with you.

In other words, the world is perceived through your mother first, then through your own ability to experience it, by way of your nervous system.  If you are being raised in a loving home with a safe and nurturing environment, you will have a greater ability to wire your nervous system for these types of experiences in the world (the one outside your home as you grow up).

If, on the other hand, you experience that same stressful place that your mother was experiencing while you were developing, then you, too, will begin wiring this into the ‘perception filter’ of your brain and spinal cord – the main conduits of your nervous system.

There is a whole new wave of research in the field of ‘epigenetics’.  This field is about studying the ways in which your genes express themselves. You see, just because you have the gene for “_______” (fill in the blank:  obesity, diabetes, cancer, poor cardiac health, pick your disease du jour) DOES NOT mean that you will ‘get’ the disease itself.

“How can this be” you may be wondering, “I have the gene”.  It happens because lifestyle is a greater factor than even the gene itself.  Some estimates put lifestyle as the 80% and the gene itself as the 20% relative to the percentage of influence on the condition showing up.

This is why we emphasize caring for your nervous system through gentle and effective Network Chiropractic.  Chiropractic is not about the bones, joints, discs or muscles only – those are like the genes.  What we seek to correct or adjust is the way your nervous system is functioning.  Always has been, always will be our goal at Infinite Healing Arts Center.

Your child deserves the chance to express their perfection that was born within them.  They have the ability to express that beauty and creation through them if no interference to the process exists.  Your child experiences the world through you.  If you are living out of line with your true purpose, passions and love, don’t you think they will feel this?  Of course they do.  We find that families receiving care together create the strongest and consistent healthy changes over the long term.

If you have ever wondered about chiropractic and children, contact us today and we’ll be happy to provide you with the answers you are looking for.  Chiropractic is not a treatment of specific conditions per se, but even if you’re just wondering if it’s true that chiropractic can help with ear infections, bed wetting, scoliosis, emotional well being or just allowing the optimum expression of health and life to shine through your child’s bright beautiful eyes, call us today.

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